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Mr. Weatherby has been a serial entrepreneur since 1988 and has been involved with numerous start ups. Mr. Weatherby is the ideas behind the inventions, business strategies, process flows and business schemas.

From masonry construction to infrastructure core Internet Technologies. Some of these have included many things widely used on the Internet today, such as Captcha, Challenge Response, SMTP communications, Global DNS Systems. Mr. Weatherby’s software architecture has been applied to numerous Graphic User Interfaces used by Microsoft Office365, Flussonic Media Server and many other widely used technologies, business processes and systems.

His vast knowledge and experience is leveraged while designing, executing and implementing these ideas.

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Well known entrepreneur Jock Weaver founded and serves as chairman of Heritage Trust Company, a private equity firm that provides advisory services to growing businesses.

Mr. Weaver is the youngest person in history to list a company on the London Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange. He has over 35 years’ business experience in mergers, acquisitions, and the development of growth companies on an international basis. Mr. Weaver has been involved in over 50 merger and/or acquisition transactions with values exceeding $300 million dollars.

Mr. Weaver brings ideas, investment and advisory services to the The Weatherby Group. His input on business strategies, growth plans and on-going operations is invaluable to The Weatherby Groups’ business concepts, technological and tangible inventions.

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