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“a conventional eye is blinded by the unconventional”

The Weatherby Group is a unique business concept incubator that specializes in business continuity and process. These range from IT to Tangible offerings.

Our Team brings a unique insight for in-house, conception companies and utilizes ideas and inventions that are all incorporated in summary from an internal proprietary algorithm that decides which ideas, products and service will implemented into a stand alone company. All of our companies, products, and services are conceived by Stan Weatherby III and go through a stringent process that determines:

  1. Is the service or product unique in its own retrospect?
  2. Can the service or product be patented, copy written or trademarked?
  3. Is the service or product one of which will appeal to the masses?
  4. Is the service or product one of which has a market penetration?
  5. Is the service or product able to produce income to sustain the cash flow needed to organically grow the business?
  6. Is the business that these services or products spin-off be able to gain any outside funding if needed?